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Nomadic Carpets
Tabriz 298x203
The carpet is reserved
Lori - Gabbeh 208x182
The carpet is reserved
sale Bakhtiari - Lori 226x145
1868 € 299 €
sale Lori - Gabbeh 224x142
1813 € 290 €
Lori - Bakhtiari 186x162
The carpet is reserved
Lori - Bakhtiari 244x156
The carpet is reserved
Ardebil 310x210
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 180x148
1518 € 243 €
Bijar 220x162
The carpet is reserved
Lori - Bakhtiari 200x160
sale Bakhtiari 291x195
3234 € 517 €
sale Bakhtiari 308x216
3659 € 585 €

CarpetU2 – Nomadic Carpets

Here you can search for authentic nomadic carpets. A nomadic carpet has the privilege of adding the oriental fragrance and mystery to your space. The carpets of nomads are characterized by their uniqueness in designs and style. Therefore they give style and personality to your place. Excellent quality, natural materials and eco friendly colors are a guarantee of their high quality and durability. Browse our online store and complete your purchase safe, fast and easily.