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Celebrate with us the Persian New Year Nowruz
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selected-offer Afshar - Sirjan 302x217
2156 € 431 €
selected-offer Lori - Saddle Bag 125x101
710 € 497 €
selected-offer Kilim Fars - Qashqai 417x164
1101 € 220 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 98x57
277 € 194 €
selected-offer Bakhtiari - Qashqai 228x140
798 € 559 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 124x93
648 € 454 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 137x60
435 € 305 €
selected-offer Kilim Sumak - Kurdi 190x145
317 € 222 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 110x51
286 € 200 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 92x50
243 € 170 €
selected-offer Jaf - Saddle Bag 98x49
254 € 178 €
selected-offer Lori - Saddle Bag 108x51
237 € 166 €

CarpetU2 – Persian Rugs and Carpets Online

In our Eshop CarpetU2 you can find original Persian rugs and carpets online at the lowest prices on the market. Our constantly renewed collection contains thousands of Persian carpets chosen one by one by our experienced experts. In our selection you can find rugs for kids, nomadic, classic, modern rugs, as well as kilims mainly from Persia at incomparable prices. Furthermore, we offer our clients seasonal discounts as well as special offers on our carpets throughout the whole year. We guarantee for the safety of your transactions and we give you the opportunity to find easily the carpets that suit exactly to your personality, your style and your home. For each of our carpets and kilims we provide you a variety of professionally taken photographs, so that your choice is not time-consuming and irritating but on the contrary totally easy and risk-free. Visit our online shop and enjoy the extraordinary and outstanding magic of each carpet and kilim in our carpet-world.