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1678 € 269 €
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2368 € 379 €
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1095 € 767 €
sale Tuyserkan - Hamadan 278x152
2409 € 386 €
Zanjan - Hamadan 300x70
Tuyserkan - Hamadan 150x92
Nahavand - Hamadan 305x180

Hamadan Carpets

The city of Hamadan is situated in the Northwestern part of Iran, 300 kilometres west of Tehran. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and is referred to in the Bible with the name Ekvatana. The city is a gathering place and trade centre for the carpets woven in hundreds of nearby villages and towns. Many of the carpets are sold under their own names, such as Nahavand, Tuiserkan, Malayer, Hosseinabad, Burchalow, Enjilas, Lilihan, Khamse and Zanjan. The simplest carpets of the area are sold under the name of Hamadan. Each village has got its own style in weaving carpets with their own designs and colors. In most Hamadan carpets they use high quality wool and a variety of colors. The colors are herbal and various shades of blue indigo and shades of red dominate the carpet.