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30% Isfahan 111x87
773 € 325 €
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5545 €
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10996 €
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17053 €
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14410 €
50% Joshaghan - Isfahan 346x286
4948 € 1732 €
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33375 €
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6061 €
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3542 €
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22590 €

Isfahan Carpets

In the centre of Iran among the Zagros Mountains and the desert, lies the city of Isfahan. Nowadays it is an important industrial city with a population of 1.2 million. The town is an architectural masterpiece. The old carpets of Isfahan in contrast with the newer ones didn't have got a central medallion. The entire surface of the carpet was filled with elaborate spiral flowers and flower palmettes. The newer Isfahan rugs and carpets cannot be compared with those wonderful old specimens which were manufactured exclusively for nobles. But continuing the tradition, today's carpets of Isfahan also have a very fine weave and are clipped very short to reveal their design more clearly. In the weaving they also use silk to highlight certain areas of the design, especially in flowers. The warp is made of silk or cotton.