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50% Malayer - Antique 134x90
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Malayer Carpets

Malayer is a pretty little town between the cities of Hamadan and Arak. The best grapes flourish in this area and some of the most beautiful carpets are woven there. The consistency, accuracy and authenticity of the carpets in the way of weaving, without influence from other carpets, make them highly sought after. The designs are symmetrical or asymmetrical, floral or geometric. Their wool is of high quality with natural shine. Their colors are herbal and in newer carpets sometimes synthetic. The orange color combined with the deep red-brown color of rust, give a special character to the carpets. The result is fantastic when all these colors are combined with Indigo blue of the night and with the natural beige of the wool, which softens and blendsthe different colors beautifully by giving a three-dimensional look to the projects. We also come across these shades in old carpets from Saruk and Feraghan. Traders always have a Malayer carpet in their collection to attract customers.