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Bijar - Antique Persian Carpet 306x207

Bijar - Antique Persian Carpet 306x207

The colours of each carpet look different depending on the side from which you look at it. You can see the carpet from different perspectives in the images below:
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  • Discount Price: 1901       50%
  • Retail Price: 3801 €
  • Carpet Code: cls018-1309
  • Size: 306x207 cm
  • Thickness: Medium (5-10 mm)
  • Age: 60-80
  • Origin: Iran/Persia
  • Preile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
  • Knot Density: approximately 250,000 knots per m²
  • Carpet colours:

Bijar Carpets : The Bijar carpets have taken their name from the homonymous small Kurdish town Bijar that is located in Western Iran. The Bijar are very high quality carpets and their name implies toughness and durability. They are thick tight-woven carpets with double knots and excellent quality wool. The most famous design is called Herati-mahi (mahi = fish). Another typical design is a central medallion and flowers.

Antique Carpets : Antiques

Classic Carpets: Carpets that are woven in urban centres in fixed workshops and looms(as opposed to nomads). Their designs are first done on paper by carpet designers. These designs are strictly conducted by the weaver during the manufacturing. Even in these carpets, though there may be slight variations in weaving.

Horizontal or vertical shading in the carpet pile: The shading is due to folding the carpet during transportation. When the carpet is laid and stepped-on they will vanish. Examples

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Bijar - Antique
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