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Lori Persian Carpet 207x130

Lori Persian Carpet 207x130

The colours of each carpet look different depending on the side from which you look at it. You can see the carpet from different perspectives in the images below:
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  • Retail Price: 431
  • Carpet Code: nmd625-334
  • Size: 207x130 cm
  • Thickness: Medium (5-10 mm)
  • Age: 0-20 (New)
  • Origin: Iran/Persia
  • Preile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
  • Knot Density: approximately 90,000 knots per m²
  • Carpet colours:

Lori Carpets : Carpets woven by the Lurs, a nomadic tribe in the mountainous Kurdish region of Southwest Iran, bordering Iraq. The Lori carpets usually have geometric shapes, often with rhombi and strictly linear scenes of the herbal and animal world. Because the areas where the Lurs live are inaccessible and isolated, they still weave with the old traditional ways, without influences from the Europeans. The centre of Luristan is Choremabad, which gave its name to the carpets woven there. Furthermore carpets have been named after the salt lake Neris.

Nomadic carpets: Carpets woven by nomads. Nomads move continuously and do not stay permanently in one geographic region. They manufacture (weave) handmade carpets on collapsible looms. Due to that fact there may be slight variations in weaving and their carpets are sometimes uneven in shape. Also the weaving is made from memory and it depends on each artisans momentary inspiration. As a result, the designs in some carpets are not even on the entire surface.

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