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Lori - Gabbeh 208x182
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sale Bakhtiari - Lori 226x145
1868 € 299 €
sale Lori - Gabbeh 224x142
1813 € 290 €
Lori - Bakhtiari 186x162
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Lori - Bakhtiari 244x156
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sale Lori - Bakhtiari 180x148
1518 € 243 €
Lori - Bakhtiari 200x160
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 205x161
1881 € 301 €
sale Bakhtiari - Lori 218x155
1926 € 308 €
Lori - Bakhtiari 195x141
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Lori - Bakhtiari 255x174
sale Bakhtiari - Lori 201x151
1730 € 277 €

Lori Carpets

Carpets woven by the Lurs, a nomadic tribe in the mountainous Kurdish region of Southwest Iran, bordering Iraq. The Lori carpets usually have geometric shapes, often with rhombi and strictly linear scenes of the herbal and animal world. Because the areas where the Lurs live are inaccessible and isolated, they still weave with the old traditional ways, without influences from the Europeans. The centre of Luristan is Choremabad, which gave its name to the carpets woven there. Furthermore carpets have been named after the salt lake Neris.