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black-friday Mood - Mashad 356x258
3674 € 1286 €
50% Mood - Mashad 345x223
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50% Kashmar - Mashad 387x295
6393 € 2238 €
Kashmar - Mashad 395x303
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50% Kashmar - Mashad 390x290
5429 € 1901 €
Mood - Mashad 417x337
The carpet is reserved
30% Mashad 170x123
3764 € 2635 €
50% Kashmar - Mashad 350x250
4900 € 1715 €

Mashad Carpets

Mashad is known as the City of Ferdowsi the poet who wrote "Shahnameh", which is considered to be the national epic of Iran. It is also famous for its excellent quality wool. The old Mashad carpets were very good and had fine weave. For a time, due to the high manufacturing cost, quality did not meet the requirements of buyers and the demand had declined significantly. This happened until the mid-1950, when a significant improvement began. Their carpets started to look like works of art, with beautiful, tasteful, fine and detailed drawings. A great variety of flowers, "mir I botah", beautiful medallions and borders with garlands adorn Mashad carpets. The colors are almost always herbal. In Chorasan there are many krapprot which give a very sweet red. The Indigo blue is also the second of the main colors used. The knots used are senneh (Persian knot) and ghiordes (Turkish knot). The Mashad carpets called Turkbafs, in which the ghiordes knot is used, are of very high quality and aesthetics.