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Nain Habibian 306x217
17265 €
Nain6la 343x248
16162 €
Nain6la 333x227
12095 €
Nain6la 300x205
9225 €
Nain6la 358x255
12781 €
Nain6la 260x156
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Nain Habibian 322x211
14954 €
Nain6la 265x161
5973 €
Nain6la 310x201
10593 €
Nain6la 303x210
14005 €
Nain6la 257x257
14537 €
Nain9la - old 225x128

Nain Carpets

Nain Carpets: Nain is a small city in central Iran, near the famous city of Isfahan. Before the start of the 20th century, it was known for producing high quality handmade woolen fabrics. However, due to the decline of the town's business activity, they commissioned weavers from Esfahan to weave handmade carpets. They created their own style using bright, creamy colors and shades of blue or red with a large medallion in the centre. The high knot density and high class materials (wool and silk) establish Nain as very high quality carpets. They are often woven in areas around the city Nain, not necessarily in the city itself. The familiar pattern of Shah Abbas have been successfully used in the Nain carpets. The warp in these carpets is typically of cotton. The warp consists of a number of threads that are referred to as "La". Fine woven Nain have 4 threads (4La) or 6 strings (6La). Today, the city Nain produces only very stylish 4s or 6s of quality La. 9 and 12 La are produced mostly in Khorasan, i.e. Kashmar and Mashhad. A Famous house in town Carpet Nain is the house of Habibian. The carpets woven in their workshops are the best and most sought after carpets in the world.