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                                                                                                         The Journey of the Three Wise Men from Persia

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Nain6la 333x227
12095 €
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9225 €
Nain6la 260x156
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Nain6la 257x257
14537 €
Nain6la 305x203
12383 €
Nain6la 201x200
8040 €
Nain6la 260x207
10764 €
Nain6la 355x245
16525 €
Nain6la 358x255
12781 €
Nain6la 303x210
14005 €
Nain6la 302x250
16618 €
Nain6la 265x161
5973 €

Nain6la Carpets

Nain carpets are often woven in areas around the city Nain, not necessarily in the city itself. The warp in these carpets is typically of cotton. The warp consists of a number of threads that are referred to as "La". Fine woven Nain have 6 threads (6La). Today, the city Nain produces only very stylish 6s of quality La.