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80% Offers
sale Afshar - Sirjan 235x170
24115 kr 3855 kr
sale Bakhtiari 308x216
38752 kr 6196 kr
sale Nahavand - Hamadan 336x217
38614 kr 6174 kr
sale Lori - Bakhtiari 212x165
21118 kr 3378 kr
sale Zanjan - Hamadan 304x204
36125 kr 5783 kr
sale Borchalou - Hamadan 224x161
24825 kr 3972 kr
sale Patchwork 300x213
33838 kr 5412 kr
sale Hosseinabad - Hamadan 300x100
19063 kr 3050 kr
sale Afshar - Sirjan 236x148
18492 kr 2955 kr
sale Afshar - Sirjan 260x162
22304 kr 3569 kr
sale Qashqai - Shiraz 256x160
24730 kr 3961 kr
sale Patchwork 205x144
15632 kr 2499 kr

CARPETU2 – Carpet offers 80%

Our collection in Carpetu2 includes authentic handmade oriental carpets in unbeatable prices, exclusive offers and unique deals of the month on discounts up to 80% ! Find unique persian handmade carpets in offer up to 80%, Compare the different prices and choose the handmade carpet that you prefer and it will make your place unique in the best possible market price. The carpets in the 80% discount category are consisted of stock carpets from almost every category, for everyone that demands a lower price, but not lower quality!