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Koliai - Kurdi Persian Carpet 288x155

Koliai - Kurdi Persian Carpet 288x155

The colours of each carpet look different depending on the side from which you look at it. You can see the carpet from different perspectives in the images below:
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  • Total Price: 394         Extra Discount -30%
  • Discount Price: 563 € 50%
  • Internet Price: 1125 €
  • Carpet Code: nmd11886-561
  • Size: 288x155 cm
  • Thickness: Medium (5-10 mm)
  • Age: 0-20 (New)
  • Origin: Iran/Persia
  • Pile - Warp: Wool on Cotton
  • Knot Density: approximately 120,000 knots per m²
  • Carpet colours:

Koliai Carpets : The carpets Koliai have taken their name from the nomadic tribe of the same name. Koliai nomads live in villages southeast of the city Senneh. The carpets are durable with a thick pile. Herbal colors give shine to the very good quality wool. The large designs are impressive with the primary color being red and shades of it.

Kurdi Carpets : Kurdistan is a mountainous area south of Azerbaijan. The area has been inhabited since ancient times by Kurdish nomads and seminomads, who live on the western border of Persia as farmers and produce the best wool in the country. The area is avery active centre of carpet weaving. Wonderful carpets are woven there, with geometric designs rhombi, medallions, little ornaments and the well-known designs Herati, Mina-Khani. The background colors of the Kurdi carpets is usually dark blue or deepred.

Nomadic carpets: Carpets woven by nomads. Nomads move continuously and do not stay permanently in one geographic region. They manufacture (weave) handmade carpets on collapsible looms. Due to that fact there may be slight variations in weaving and their carpets are sometimes uneven in shape. Also the weaving is made from memory and it depends on each artisans momentary inspiration. As a result, the designs in some carpets are not even on the entire surface.

Abrash: Due to the different amount of grease in the wool and the added salt during the process of dyeing, the wool has got a varying colour absorbance. This is not very visible before weaving. During the weaving though, lines of the same colour are formed in the carpet. This is called Abrash (which in Farsi means little cloud) and it shows that the wool was not manufactured using chemical means and marks the naturalness and authenticity of the carpets. Examples

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